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The Godrej Group

Established in 1897 by our founder, Ardeshir Godrej, the Godrej Group has its roots in India's Swadeshi movement, an economic strategy aimed at improving economic conditions in India by following the principles of swadeshi, (meaning self-sufficiency) promoting the domestic development of products and production processes. Today, the company has risen to become one of India’s most trusted household names.

Godrej are such an integral part of India. With revenues of USD $4.1 billion, The Godrej Group reaches over 600 million Indians across our consumer goods, real estate, appliances, agri and many other businesses.

We truly believe that while our amazing past distinguishes us, we are only as good as what we do next. In fact, our Vision for 2020 is to be 10 times the size we were in 2010. With a rapidly expanding canvas, over 50% of our business is already being done outside India, across our global territories.



Adi Godrej sets up Godrej Ltd in Mumbai, India starting his ventures in high quality locks.


Godrej launch the World's first vegetable oil soap - the first soap to be made without animal fat.


'Cinthol' is launched on the Indian Independence Day. Together with Godrej No.1, Cinthol makes us the second largest soap player in India.


Our first hair colour product, a liquid hair dye, is a runaway success. We build on this and introduce a series of innovative hair care products through the years, becoming a leading player in Asia, Africa and Latin America.


We acquire 'Translektra', mosquito repellent brand. With market leading brands such as 'Good Knight' and 'Hit', we continue to protect against malaria and be the number one player in the household insecticides category in India and Indonesia.


Godrej completes a century! We celebrate our 100th birthday and remind ourselves that we are only as good as what we do next.


Godrej acquires Keyline Brands in the UK. Keyline is a privately owned sales, marketing and manufacturing company specialising in personal care products.


We introduce our 10 x 10 strategy with ambitious goals for 2020 including being one of the most trusted and innovative global companies, fostering an inspiring place to work, creating shared values and becoming 10 times our size in 10 years.


Godrej UK introduces an International arm to the business, exporting mainly to Europe and Australia.


Godrej UK acquires 'Soft and Gentle' - a much loved UK deodorant brand. We re-launch in the UK market with new branding, positioning and livery.


‘PROVOKE’ Touch of Silver re-launches to much industry acclaim and achieves record sales.


Godrej UK achieves the “Great Place To Work” accreditation which recognises organisations that promote trust, pride and camaraderie.

Godrej UK

Godrej UK (formerly Keyline Brands) was Godrej's first International acquisition in 2005. Godrej UK owns and markets various brands in the personal care sector including Soft & Gentle deodorants, Pro:Voke Haircare, Cuticura, Inecto and Aapri. We are the sole UK distributor of P20 and Perspirex, owned by the Danish company Riemann, and Bio Oil, owned by the South African based company Union Swiss. We are long established as an entrepreneurial, agile and strategically astute company with strong distribution across the UK FMCG marketplace. Over the last 10 years Godrej UK has amplified activity and investment resulting in huge growth whilst continuing to stay true to our entrepreneurial roots.

Godrej Worldwide

As well as having a successful business in the UK and our head office in India, we have established a business cluster model to accelerate our growth. These clusters are focused on building our presence in 3 emerging markets (Asia, Africa and Latin America) across 3 categories; home care, personal wash and hair care. The cluster model provides us with a great platform to understand global trends and develop shared innovations and technologies to establish our brands as market leaders.

Latin America

We made two acquisitions in Argentina in 2010, the Issue and Argencos groups, which are today called Godrej Argentina. This helped us make significant inroads to the hair colour market in Latin America with leading brands like 'Issue', 'Roby' and '919'.

In 2012, we expanded our footprint to Chile through the acquisition of Cosmetica Nacional, a leading hair colour and colour cosmetics company. Our portfolio includes 'Issue', the number one hair colour and 'Pamela Grant', a leading hair colour and colour cosmetics brand in Chile.

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In 2010, we acquired the Indonesia based Megasari group. Now Called Godrej Indonesia, our business is the number one player in air fresheners and wet tissues with its brands 'Stella' and 'Mitu' and the number two player in household insecticides with 'Hit'.

Godrej Global Middle East was established in Sharjah with the objective of distributing our products in the Middle East. It has a strong network in countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain.

We have a strong presence in the SAARC countries of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and Myanmar with our brands 'Expert', 'Cinthol' and 'Good knight', among others. We are the leader in hair colour in Sri Lanka, the number three player in hair colour in Bangladesh and household insecticides in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

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In 2006, we acquired Rapidol - a South African hair colour business. 'Rapidol', now called Godrej South Africa markets the brands 'Inecto', a permanent hair colour brand and the market leader in ethnic hair care, 'Renew' an international extension of an existing Indian brand entering the Caucasian hair colour market, and 'Tura', a prominent personal care brand that is particularly popular in Nigeria.

We entered into a partnership with the Darling Group in 2011, a leading pan-African hair care company and market leader in hair extensions, with an agreement to buy a 51% stake in it. This partnership hopes to build on the best of capabilities within both groups through brand building, distribution and further geographical expansion.

In 2015, we acquired 'Frika', a leading premium hair extensions company that helps us further consolidate our presence in the South African market.

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Good and green

Twenty-five percent of the shares of our Group’s holding company are held in trusts that support healthcare, education and environmental sustainability.

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