P20 captures summer holidays with 'Wish You Were Here' campaign

P20 captures summer holidays with 'Wish You Were Here' campaign

P20's new Wish You Were Here campaign was a soaring success in building our online fan base and generating over 20,000 Facebook likes.

Following the success of the 2013 Sun Snaps Facebook competition, we decided to run a revamped version in 2014: the Wish You Were Here campaign. It gave people the opportunity to engage with us and have the chance to win either one of our products or an Ultimate Sunny Day Kit.

To take part, individuals had to upload an image and create a personalised postcard, which was automatically shared to our gallery. Users could choose the border style and colour of their postcard and add their own caption. It could also be shared with friends and family, or anyone else they wanted to send it to.

The campaign was intended to give consumers an engaging platform that was relevant to their summer holidays. We wanted to work with the wave of holiday snaps and selfies that tend to take social platforms by storm over the summer months, while spreading the word about P20.

Alongside this campaign we were also working to increase our Facebook fan base by nearly 50% before the end of the season. Through engagement with on-brand bespoke content, as well as our larger campaign and mini competitions, we exceeded our target KPI of 20,000 likes, standing us in good stead for next year's high season.

Overall the campaign has been successful with users not only creating postcards for our gallery but also sharing them with friends and family. With 80 x 100ml bottles of P20 SPF30 200ml to give away and 3 x Ultimate Sunny Day Kits worth over £250 (including a mini barbeque set, picnic hamper and a variety of outdoor games), we ensured that our competition provided consumers with relevant prizes as the active protector of people in the sun.

And with postcards from various users including families, sporty types and sunbathers, it's clear that our brand positioning is putting P20 into the hands of all kinds of outdoor-loving people.



With 80 bottles of P20 SPF 30 to give away and three Ultimate Sunny Day Kits worth over £250, our consumers connected with a relevant incentive.

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