P20 hard at work in sun-soaked TV advert

P20 hard at work in sun-soaked TV advert

P20, The Protector of Active People in the Sun, reaches out to millions with new TV ad.

P20's 30 second TV ad perfectly brings to life the idea that P20 really is the Protector of Active People in the Sun.

Shot on location in Lanzarote, it features two families and a group of friends out and about and enjoying being active in the sun safe in the knowledge that P20 is protecting them without the hassle of having to worry about re-applying their sun protection. Three main activities are shown: a family cycling around the rugged scenery of the island; a younger family playing on the beach; and finally a group of friends enjoying the beautiful golf courses.

All this showcases the sunny beaches and wild terrain of Lanzarote, with the key brand message that one application of P20 protects skin for 10 hours.


Apply P20 in the morning and that's it, you're protected for up to 10 hours, giving you and your family more time to have fun in the sunshine. For more info, visit:


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