Bio-Oil's Facebook campaign brings skin stories to life

Bio-Oil's Facebook campaign brings skin stories to life

Sensitive campaign brings women together to share their thoughts on how they feel about living in their own skin.

Ever since the early days of Bio-Oil, we've received letters of appreciation from people who've fallen in love with our product. Back then, we kept those letters in shoe-boxes. Now, we've made it possible for people to share their stories online with the whole world.

Skin Stories is our online Facebook campaign, designed to encourage women to celebrate the marks on their body, whether they're from the survival of an illness to the birth of a baby, and learn to love and care for them with Bio-Oil. The campaign has helped us discover true brand advocates and amplify their stories through social and traditional media.

In 2014, we engaged three Bio-Oil Skin Storytellers who had shared their story through the Skin Stories campaign. These three genuine women with real stories to tell have been sharing their testimonials across multiple platforms, enabling us to communicate the real, multiple use benefits of Bio-Oil and encouraging peer to peer recommendation.

You can watch Niki, Ruby and Natalie's inspiring stories on the Bio-Oil UK You Tube Channel -

If you have a skin story of your own, come and share it with us on our Facebook page:

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